“My Wonderland – Oceania”

Artistic Show by Urszula Kaczor

“My Wonderland-Oceania” is an exceptional project created by Urszula Kaczor, combining artistic creations and music. Urszula Kaczor is an artist who has developed the “My Wonderland” project, blending photography, creative makeup, video, and clothing designs. Since 2018, she has been presenting a new collection during a fashion show vernissage each year. This time, her project “Oceania” consists of six creations inspired by the world’s oceans, with each presentation accompanied by a special fairytale-like music composition.

The story revolves around a girl born from magic, who helps the inhabitants of her underwater world and seeks love on land. However, she fails to find it, even after submerging the entire world underwater. The fashion shows are designed to create a fairytale atmosphere, with dancers and unconventional makeup and hairstyles providing a magnificent backdrop for the models.

Urszula Kaczor aims to involve others in her projects and inspire people to unleash their creativity. Therefore, she invites individuals with passion, such as models, makeup artists, and hairstylists, to participate in her events.