Meeting with a Polish writer – Marcin Ciszewski

Sep 30, 2017

Last Saturday we had a pleasure to host a meeting with well known polish writer. Marcin Ciszewski, author of great thriller books, historical-fiction books and crime stories books. One of his great historical-fiction books is available in English as an e-book – „The Major“: „If Tom Clancy wrote about the occupation of Warsaw, Marcin Ciszewski would have made a worthy rival. «Major» combines the best aspects of a war novel and spy thriller. Until the very end we do not know who will be up for the challenge – the Nazis, the Soviets and Poles” – Paweł Jasiński service

Marcin really enjoyed Ireland – he visited Dublin, Glendalough, Wicklow and Gorey area. We hope he will come to Ireland for a little bit longer next time