Gorey Sketching Competition

Jun 11, 2020

Our Polish Cultural Association Gorey.pl, which aims to foster close relations between the native and Polish populations of the town, prepared a competition to find the best sketch of Gorey and Gorey’s area landmarks and historical places, such as Gorey Market House, the 1798 Monument etc. The winning sketch will be printed on eco-friendly canvas bags. The competition opens on the 11th of June and closes on the 25th of June 2020. 

Due to Covid-19, we cannot depend on finance for our events and the PolskaÉire Festival from other sources, so profit from selling the bags will help to fund our cultural events in the near future.  

More details below:

Gorey Sketching Competition.

Sketching Competition Rules:

1. The competition.

– Competition participants will submit their artworks to Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association. The winning art will become the official print on eco-friendly canvas Gorey bags.

– The competition opens on the 11th of June and closes on the 25th of June 2020 

– The sketching should capture this key message: Gorey and Gorey area landmarks, historical buildings/places, such as Gorey Market House, the 1798 Monument, etc. Sketching cannot present/advertise commercial buildings.

2. Who is eligible:

This contest is open to anyone of any age group from the Gorey area. Contestants may submit multiple entries, and all entries must be the work of one person only. Polish Association members and their family cannot take a part in this competition.

3. Judging panel:

Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association members.

4. Prizes:

– The winning sketch will be printed on Gorey promotional bags and will include the winner’s name.

– The winner’s sketch will be printed in the Gorey Guardian newspaper and promoted on social media.

– The winner will receive five eco-friendly canvas bags and a goodie bag from the Polish Association.

5. Winner announcement:

The winner will be announced on the 27th of June 2020 on the website www.gorey.pl , Facebook page Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association and Instagram @GoreyPL 

6. When to submit:

From 11th of June till 25th of June 2020.

7. How to submit:

Submit your entry to Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association e-mail address contact@gorey.pl Together with your art, please include your full name, age, town, phone number and how you would like to sign your art – with your own name or a pseudonym. 

 8. Requirements for entries:

– Sketching must be in black and white.

– Entry is an image of the JPG type, landscape or portrait orientation, presented on A4 paper with dimensions of 297mm x 210mm, equivalent to 3500pixel x 2400pixel and total volume of no more than 5MB.

– Please note that the winner will have to make the original sketch available for Gorey.pl on request, for professional scanning.

– Entries must be signed.

9. Other Terms and Conditions:

– The work must be created and signed by the artist him/herself.

– Sketching design for this competition cannot give rise to any claim for financial compensation.

– The award-winning works become the property of the Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association from the date they are received. The artist waives any copyright in their sketch. Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association may use the sketch at its discretion, and reserves the right to determine which entries it displays. It may also be used on mugs and other promotional materials in the future (in consultation with the winner).

– Any person submitting a sketch proposal for the competition certifies that he/she is an author of this artwork. He/she also certifies that the sketch does not infringe the rights of any third party and is not in violation of any copyright.

– The winner will be informed directly by Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association by telephone or email and also announced on www.gorey.pl , Facebook page: Gorey.pl – Polish Cultural Association and Instagram @GoreyPL

– By participating in the competition, participants accept all competition rules and agree to be bound by them.