Street fashion shows are always full of magic and inspiration, and that’s exactly what happened during the exceptional event “My Wonderland-Oceania” organized by as part of the PolskaÉire Festival in Gorey 2023.

Designer Urszula Kaczor took us on a journey to the mysterious and colorful world of Oceania, where fantasy intertwined with fashion. Her unique creations brought the atmosphere to life, and her passion for designing clothes and experimenting with different materials was evident in every detail.

The “My Wonderland-Oceania” event was not only an opportunity to admire fashion but also to express Urszula Kaczor’s artistic vision. The show took place in the heart of the city, attracting the attention of both the local community and visitors. Everyone gathered had the chance to admire fantastic outfits on the runway that exuded energy and creativity.

The fashion show “My Wonderland-Oceania” was one of several events organized during the PolskaÉire Festival in Gorey 2023. It was a beautiful fusion of two worlds, allowing the residents of Gorey to experience something unique and unforgettable.

Photos courtesy of Katarzyna Kotlarska