Polish Literature Day honouring Joseph Conrad Korzeniowski

Nov 12, 2017

Last Thursday on 9th of November 2017 in Gorey Library we had a pleasure to celebrate Poland through its beautiful literature, which from its sheer quantity and innovative quality, undoubtedly deserves a place alongside the greatest. We are very happy to say that ‘Polish Poetry’ reciting competition gathered almost 40 literature lovers both Polish and Irish. The jury Adana Keane, Ewa Minias and Carla King had decided that Chrisian O’Morchoe’s interpretation of C.K. Norwid’s ‘My Country’ was the most impressive and awarded her with first price. Second place went to Susan Edwards for her version of ‘I would like to describe’ by Z. Herbert and the third place was awarded to Kacper Barów for his beautiful perception of ‘Under one small star’ by W. Szymborska.
The event gave us all opportunity to reflect on the beauty and importance of literature in our country’s existence. Everybody also had a chance to read up more about Joseph Conrad and National Independence Day at our two exhibitions. First one honouring Józef Konrad Korzeniowski better known as Joseph Conrad, Polish-born English novelist, primarily seen in his own time as a writer of boys’ sea stories and now highly regarded as a novelist whose work displays a deep moral consciousness and masterful narrative technique. His works demonstrate his major interest in the human condition and his political concern. Some of his novels can be
considered autobiographical, however in all his literary works, fictions and essays, Conrad is most of all a moralist, highlighting the problems of individual responsibility and human solidarity.
The other exhibition shows free Poland through children’s eyes. We were truly amazed by creativity and beauty of all pictures but we have loved a free white eagle as a symbol of our beautiful country drew by Millie Lawton (age 11) the most. Second price in our ‘Poland+Freedom=11th November’ competition went to Jakub Bak (age 9) from Cork for drawing Polish tanks and a high raised flag. And third price was awarded to Hanna Koronkiewicz (age6) for drawing a happy family celebrating National Independence Day. The committee have also decided to distinguish Seamie MacCafferty, Eire Fhadain and Natan Gorajski for outstanding view on Poland and its freedom.

All prizes were sponsored by Polish Embassy Dublin. Thank you very much.