‘The amazing world of salt – Wieliczka Salt Mine’. We are pleased to invite you to the exhibition of photographs by Ryszard Tatomir.

May 12, 2022

„Niecodzienny świat w soli”. Zapraszamy na wystawę fotografii Ryszarda Tatomira z Kopalni Soli Wieliczka.

We are pleased to announce that the opening of the exhibition of Ryszard Tatomir’s photography will take place on June 9th, during the official launch of this year’s PolskaÉire Festival in Gorey.

The exhibition features images of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine’s underground landscapes, which are inaccessible to visitors on a regular basis. It is an extraordinary place – hidden from the world, full of secrets and legends. The Wieliczka mine is a unique phenomenon that blends historical environment, works of art, mining tradition, emotions, and huge effort put into the safeguarding of cultural and natural assets. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts millions of people. 

The photographs depict man’s interplay with nature. On one hand, they portray miners’ efforts in extracting salt and safeguarding underground works, while on the other hand, they show how the elements that appeared underground because of mining activities eventually became one with nature. People and their work have become an integral part of the mine and in time they became a part of nature’s creations. 

Ryszard Tatomir  

A member of the Creators’ Association of the Photo club of the Republic of Poland (AFRP), an association of photographers; the Krakow Photography Club and the Art Club in Wieliczka. 

Photography is his passion and one of the elements of the creative and professional work. He is constantly looking for opportunities to develop his skills and remains open to new challenges. Tatomir is not hesitant to try new things, and the results of his photography projects reflect this. His audiences are continuously astounded by the quality of his work and the way he perceives his environment. He finds deeper significance in his photography with the hopes of transporting the audience to an uncommon world full of hopeful nostalgia, inspiring them to find their own interpretation of the images. His work demonstrates the power of positive emotions present in the surrounding world. 

He primarily photographs people, landscape, and architecture. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. 

All Welcome

June 9, 2022, Thursday, 6:00 PM

Exposition 9 – 25 June 2022

Gorey Library, Gorey Civic Square, The Avenue, Gorey, Co. Wexford


Funded through Wexford County Councils Arts Office – Small Arts Festival and Experimental Events Scheme 2022