International Children’s Day

Jun 2, 2017

On the first of June, as a part of PolskaÉire Festival / PolskaÉire Gorey Festival 2017 we were celebrating International Children’s Day. Jadwiga Kondracka introduce kids to polish legend “Swedish table in Zamość” and Slawek Bosy played on baritone horn an original bulge from Zamosc. At art and craft session all kids prepared a stork, an unofficial symbol of Poland and at the end we had party at our own swedish table with cakes ans sweets, balloons and small gifts for everyone.

Thank you to Staffords Bakery & Joannes Cafe Gorey and A-A Planungsbüro for a support during this event and to Stanislawa Redzisz – Marta Redzisz for delicious croissants.

Slawek Bosy & Jadwiga Kondracka thank you for your help and K.K.Photography – Kasia Kotlarska for beautiful pictures

Gorey Library thanks for your hospitality