Mikołaj Kalina Art Photography Exhibition

May 28, 2017

Second part of exhibition “MIKOLAJANDRZEJ KALINA -“Recently Painted – Who Are We” Art Photography by Mikołaj Kalina was officially opened on Saturday 27th of May in Gorey Market House. A lot of people visited the gallery that day. Visitors had an opportunity to meet Mikołaj in person to have a chat about his art and enjoy some wine. Art Photo exhibition was available from 27th of May till 10th of May. You are very welcome to like Mikołaj Facebook page: Mikołaj Kalina Photography

Thank you very much to Joe Dixon Photographer and MS Photography Gorey 😉

Mikołaj Kalina is an author of objects – photographs presenting mannequin in modern clothes, bound in golden frames in fashion of the icons. Applying his ironic reflection, he presents his relation to fashion trends – modern icons.

The search for his own way of photography, led the author as well to the area of so-called re-photography. Mikołaj Kalina uses different point of reference – the film. His strategy is to re-photograph the film’s freeze-frame. The whole art-work refers to the problem of human’s loneliness in today’s world.