From Katowice to Ireland – 2300km of help, kindness and charity. The 13th edition of Zlombol

Jul 16, 2019

Zlombol – enthusiasts with a big heart set off from Poland to Ireland in old cars from the Cold War era in order to raise money for children living in orphanages in Poland. This is already the 13th edition of this rally, and this time Ireland was the destination of it and more specifically the finish line was in Wicklow. Not all of 450 cars reached Ireland, but all contributed to raising of a huge sum of 1 million polish zloty (€ 250k) for 526 childcare homes in Poland, in which 18,000 children and adolescents live. All the raised money is going to be spent for the necessary educational equipment, as well thanks to that at least some dreams of the children may come true.

Polish Cultural Association – is a partner of one of the team – C.H. Robinson Teresin Team driving quite old and vintage but extremely charming yellow Lublin and this team got to Gorey first. The “Bondar Team” and “Michlewscy Brothers” arrived right after it, also driving the cars of the Lublin brand. In addition, we hosted in Gorey the group “Przecinaki”. Unfortunately, their Lada Samara broke almost at the very beginning of the rally, but members of this team decided to reach the finish line in another way, and we were able to celebrate this huge success together.

We give all participants a great appreciation and admiration for their determination to help children.