Strong Polish accents during Culture Night in Gorey on the 20th of September prepared by Polish Cultural Association –

Sep 2, 2019

We would like to invite you to “Culture Night” in Gorey, which will take place on Friday the 20th of September.

Culture Night is an ideal occasion to spend the evening in a very interesting and extraordinary way and to experience high level culture.

This year prepared a series of events, which we hope will make you to leave your house and to spend this evening in a different way than usually.

Officially, Culture Night in Gorey will begin at Gorey Civic Square at 5.30pm with performances of: Gorey Pipe Band, Furlong School of Irish Dancing, Pound with Ais, Gorey Ukes and The Circle of Magical White Song. We especially invite you to participate in the concert of the girls from The Circle of Magical White Song, as it will be a unique opportunity to listen to beautiful traditional Polish songs in a wonderful performance and with the accompaniment of instruments. The girls’ concert will start at 7.10pm but it will not be a typical static performance, because after a few minutes of singing at Civic Square the girls will start heading towards Main Street filling Gorey with their folk voices. We would like to invite you to follow them to experience this magical moment of Polish singing on the streets in Gorey.

The girls’ destination will be the Loch Garman Arms pub area where they will meet with the Irish Group of CEE musicians in the number of about 25 (!!) to start the “Bridging the Cultures” concert around 8pm.

Musicians from CEE will not sing, they will play, and it is not just that, because it is a group that received several awards and distinctions in the field of Irish music. It is a great opportunity to get acquainted with or simply listen to what Irish people likes so much – playing music together.

Both groups – “The Circle of Magical White Song” and CEE Gorey / Ballygarrett will be placed on both sides of the street and will alternately perform to create a bridge of musical cultures, which seemingly can feel distant but at the same time are so close to each other. The music will resound continuously on the street during this concert. Well-known and recognized musician from Gorey, Maciej Motyka, will use his violin to transfer music from one side of Main Street to the other, from the Irish group to the Polish group.

Around 9.30pm we will start walking towards Gorey School of Art and our march will be accompanied by singing girls. It will be dark so the atmosphere will be magical.

At Gorey School of Art, we have prepared for you two very interesting events.

The first of them is an exhibition of vintage film projectors which are the passion of Rafal Rozworski

Rafal live in Gorey and has been collecting unique projectors for a long time and now for the first time he decided to present them to a wider body. You will be able to watch this exhibition with a glass of good wine in your hand.

The culmination of this extraordinary evening and at the same time the star of the program of this year’s Culture Night Gorey edition by, will be the movie “Cold War”.  A delight for all amateurs of good cinema. This is a film in which Joanna Kulig and Tomasz Kot created amazing film performances, the film is worth seeing on the big screen. We will show it at the Gorey School of Art in the atmospheric cinema hall.

Pawel Pawlikowski received the best director award in Cannes in 2018 for “Cold War” and an Oscar nomination in the category of best non-English film.

Short Description of the above:

5.30pm: Start of Culture Night at Civic Square.

7.10pm: Beginning of the concert of the Polish Group “The Circle of Magical White Song”.

7.30pm: Girls will start walking along Main Street in order to meet the Irish music group CEE Gorey/Ballygarrett at 8pm.

8.00pm: “Bridging the Cultures”  concert of two groups (Irish in the number of 25 people) and continuation of the
concert of “The Circle of Magical White Song”.

9.30pm: We will start walking to Gorey School of Art.

9.30pm: Exhibition of Rafal Rozworski’s vintage projectors.

10.00pm: The beginning of screening of the movie “Cold War”.

Culture Night is a special evening in Ireland – spend it special.