PolskaÉire Festival 2019 in Gorey – the Złombol charity event.

Jun 1, 2019

Złombolowcy are passionate people with a big heart, who are starting their charity rally on the 29th of June. So far there is over 360 teams taking part in this charity event. All of them will be travelling through Europe driving vintage cars made decades ago, and the finish line this year is in Wicklow Mountains.

The goal of the rally is very noble, to help children in care by, for instance, rising funds for holiday trips for orphans, where they can for the first time see the sea or mountains. The other purpose of the charity rally is to collect money and buy goods for orphanages, like computers, school supplies, washing machines, fridges or dishwashers. Thanks to all the money raised during the rally the ideas and dreams of all the children in care can come true. We hope that it helps also to discover their hidden and great talents. The polish cultural association Gorey.pl wants to take part in this charity event and as members of the association we would like to invite you to join us in this noble initiative, which runs for over a decade now and has its 13th edition this year. We are in partnership with one of the teams – C.H. Robinson Teresin Team driving pretty old but quite extraordinary yellow Lublin brand car. You can support this exceptional charity event during PolskaÉire Festival 2019 in Gorey (more details can be found here https://gorey.pl/festival-polskaeire-2019-gorey/). We prepare a collection box and you can donate money during Irish – Polish Folk Night or Family Fun Day. All the money raised over those two days will be donated to the organisers of Złombol.

 Please check www.złombol.pl for more details on Złombol – the charity rally (the history, the achievements and the participants of the event).

We hope to see all of you on PolskaÉire Festival 2019 in Gorey!