Joseph Dixon photography exhibition and our visit in Gmina Puck, Poland.

Nov 14, 2018

Joseph Dixon photography exhibition and our visit in Gmina Puck, Poland.
At the beginning of October, together with a representative of the Gorey Municipal District, Anthony Donohoe, a representative of Wexford County Council, Eddie Taaffe and photographer Josep Dixon, had the pleasure to visit the Puck District. Let us remind you that back in May, Polish Cultural Association – initiated the signing of the letter of intent regarding cultural cooperation between OKSIT in the Puck District and Gorey Municipal District. As part of the cultural exchange during the ceremony of the inauguration of the Cultural Year in the Commune of Puck, a vernissage of photographic works by Joseph Dixon took place. “My home is your home.” The photographer presented his fascination with the culture and landscape of Gorey and the beauty of the North Wexford region. The artist expressed his openness to the Poles in the title of the exhibition – which he stressed. This beauty of my Little Motherland is my home and this house is your home – added Joseph Dixon. Performances by the regional bands “Bursztynki” from Mieroszyno and “Plësta” by Józef Roszman, an atmospheric recital of songs, not only Kashubian presented by the star of the evening Weronika Korthals – Tartas from the Puck District, will remain in our memory for a long time.
The photographic exhibition was also an opportunity to meet representatives of both local governments. Both the Head of the Puck District, Tadeusz Puszkarczuk, together with the Commune Council Chairperson, Anna Pomieczyńska and the representative of Gorey, Anthony Donoghue and Wexford County Council, Eddie Taaffe, expressed their willingness to extend mutual contacts between the two regions.
We had the opportunity to visit the charming town of Puck, the old town of Gdańsk, the cathedral and the Oliwa Park. We will definitely remember a visit to the unit of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Łebcz and at the Scout Maritime Center in Puck. We admired the richness of the landscape during a trip to the Hel Peninsula.
We would like to thank the director of OKSiT, Mr. Jan P. Dettlaff for the invitation, involvement in preparing the plan of our stay, and the authorities of both local governments for their support.
We are convinced that this was not our last visit to the Puck District, and the established cooperation will result in many more projects in the future.